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What Is Therapeutic Massage?

What do you think of when you hear the word “massage”? More likely than not, people think of a relaxing spa getaway that melts away your stress. Envision a tropical cruise ship or massage table on the beach with flower petals and coconut massage oil. Sounds good to me! This is a wonderful, luxurious way to relax, no doubt! But, that’s not exactly what I do. Don’t get too disappointed though. Let’s stretch our understanding and see what else massage can do…

Therapeutic or medical massage is ideal for pain and stress relief. It's still relaxing, in fact, I think it's difficult for our bodies to heal if we're not relaxed, so all is not lost! However, the medical community along with scientific research is advancing the field of massage very quickly as we are learning that certain massage techniques are the right fit for relieving pain without the use of medication. So, what can it help? Let’s look at a short list:

• Sciatica and Low Back Pain
• Hip and Knee Pain
• Neck and Shoulder Pain/ Frozen Shoulder
• Wrist, Hand and Thumb/Finger Pain or Tingling
• Headaches and Migraines
• TMJ Pain
• Nerve Pain and Tingling/Numbness
• Fibromyalgia
• Injuries (Sports, Auto Accidents, Heavy Lifting, etc.)
• Post-Operative Pain and Scarring
• Scars and Scar Tissue
• Neurological Disorders (Parkinsons, etc)
• Fertility Issues
• Osteoarthritis
• Constipation
• Postural Imbalances

See anything on the list that you relate to? If not…that’s not the long list! Look for upcoming briefs where I discuss each of these topics and how massage can help alleviate the symptoms. I will also talk about the types of massage that I use in my office such as MPS Therapy, Structural Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. If there’s something specific you’d like to know more about now, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or call. I’d be happy to talk with you! You can also visit my website for more information at www.CFLmassage.com!

Remember, this information is given from my opinion as a licensed massage therapist and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any condition, and is not a replacement for medical care. Please see your doctor for proper diagnosis and medical care. As always, I am happy to talk with your doctor regarding your symptoms to see if massage can help.

May you be filled today with a peace that passes all understanding!
Thanks for reading!

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