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From our CFTM clients:

"As a chiropractic physician, I have had experience with a diversity of massage therapists over the years. Laura Martin, LMT, in personal experience, proves to be a very competent, knowledgeable and skilled therapist, complimented by a warm smile and welcoming personality. She incorporates curiosity and determination to go that “extra mile” to find the cause and implement techniques specific to tackle anything - back pain, wrist pain, leg/hip pain, stomach pain, headaches, neck aches, muscle weakness, stress. Nothing seems to be out of her reach of helpfulness. Laura’s skilled hands find “what ails me”, in a very easy and relaxed manner. By the end of the sessions, I am always better than ever! I have also found it to be very assistive in response to chiropractic treatments. I recommend Laura to anyone who wants to experience good, hands-on care." 

Dr. S. Speroni


"Not long ago I had a severe pain all the way down my right leg that was so bad that I could barely sleep at night.  I went to my doctor but he just gave me drugs and said the pain should stop in a few days, even though I had already endured several months of pain before my wife made me go and see him.  I then went to the chiropractor but, while he was willing to have me come into the office for an adjustment several times a week, he wasn't sure what was causing the pain.  Finally I went to Laura.  She recommended trigger point therapy to loosen up some muscles that might be causing the pain and after a few visits the pain went away.  I also discovered that massages are absolutely amazing and I wish I could get one every week for the rest of my life." 

J. March, CFTM client 

"Laura is an amazing and knowledgeable massage therapist. I had the pleasure of knowing her in massage school, and receiving her wonderful massages. If you want a massage therapist who can not only help you relax but to help resolve any pain issues you have Laura is definitely the right person!"

Heather M. Gilmer, LMT



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